Making Cold Calling easy again

You can close them if you can meet with them.

But cold calling isn't your strength.

We fix that. Presidents Club, here you come.

The 4 Part Process

We will simplify cold calling for you. The hassle, frustration, and hang-ups disappear.


You’ll master: 1) Who to Call, 2) When to Call3) Dealing with Gatekeepers4) Getting the Meeting.

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The result = 15%+ pick up rate and 80%+ yes-next-step rate.  4+ leads an hour.

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Who to Call

  1. How to target prospects

  2. How to build a list

  3. How to get the name of the decision maker

When to Call

  1. What days and times work best for the most pickups.

  2. What days and times are prospects most likely to agree to a follow up.

  3. How to manage your cold calling schedule.

  4. Done right, you should expect a minimum of 15%, and an average of 30% of your prospects will pick up.

  5. Cut your cold calling to a few hours a week.


  1. How to get past them

  2. (AND) Make them your Trojan Horse

  3. How to come back from “is He expecting your call” or “what is this in regards to?”

  4. You’ll get more pickups when the gatekeeper passes you through – because they never pass anyone through.


Getting the Meeting

  1. What to say when the decision maker picks up.

  2. Overcoming objections.

  3. Dealing with, “send me an email”, “we’re happy with what we have”, “I’m not the right person”, “call back next quarter”, etc. etc.

  4. Flawless handling of “what is it you do?”

  5. Get 80% of prospects to agree to a follow-up meeting.

  6. Cut your cold calling time significantly … fill your pipeline in 1-2 hours a week.


(also) Process Points

  1. How to manage your list, your calendar, holidays and other slow times.

  2. How many calls should you be making an hour.

  3. How to pronounce names you aren’t sure about.

  4. Working with C-Level’s assistants.

  5. Doing voice mail right.

  6. How to get out of a slump.

  7. You’ll be able to regularly set a minimum of 4 follow up meetings an hour.

Cold Calling Coaching

We make calls with you


As you well know, cold calling isn’t easy.

Neither is hitting a straight-as-an-arrow 300 yard drive.

To get better at golf you hit a bucket or two of balls with a golf pro there to comment and coach

To get better at cold calling we get on the phone and make a bunch of calls.

Sometimes you’ll call and we’ll listen, sometimes the other way around.

You set as many sessions as you like.

The average rep can create at least 4 leads an hour after 3 weeks of 1-2 sessions a week.

You keep your coach(es).  You can set up a refresher session anytime you need for no extra cost.


You get unlimited hours with us; we cold call with you.

Our promise = 4 in 4 for $1495

You’ll be able to set a minimum of 4 follow up meetings an hour,

Within 4 weeks.

For $1495

And, because we all hit slumps, you keep your coach for as long as you are an employee.  Any additional sessions needed included without additional cost.

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Getting Voice Mail Returned

7Remember the pink “while you were out” pad of paper?  When someone called and left a message (pre voice mail) it was written on one of these (or similar) pads.  And guess what?  People called back.

The trick to leaving voice mail is to use the pink pad.

Use the Pink Pad


  1. Hi Tamera, it’s Matthew Lampros with Sellemental
  2. My number is 801 983 5900
  3. If you have an opportunity to call me back I’ll be in the office today until 5:30 and tomorrow until about 6.
  4. It’s not urgent but if you have a spot to call me back I’ll be around today until 5 and then on Monday I can take your call before 3.
  5. (If you’ll notice there is only room for the tiniest of messages on this pad … the tiniest.  So don’t go overboard)

Once is Enough

Never leave your number twice; only sales people do that and it stops call-backs.  Leave it a bit slowly so they can write it down.

 Don’t Pitch

Voice mail messages can’t overcome objections, answer questions, follow up on points … so don’t even dip your toe in asking your voice mail message to be a sales pitch; it will lose the deal for you.

Be Consistent and Persistent

Leave one voice mail (same one every time) a week for six weeks; if they haven’t called back put them down for a few months before you try again.

NEVER a Decision

Never leave them enough information to make a decision.  Never say, “we are an award winning widget company and ____” or “I’m the new rep in the area and I wanted to introduce myself” or “I’m following up because I know your contract with XYZ is coming due”.  Not even, “I saw your 4Q results and I noticed an area where I may be able to help you reduce expenses by 12-18%.  Can you call me so I can share that with you?”

If you leave them a decision to make they’ll almost always decide “NO” and then you’re done.  No callback will be taken as you’ve already made the offer and they’ve already decided.  “Why do they keep calling me?  I know what this is about and am not interested.”

VIDEO: More Detailed Help/Instructions Here

The Art of Persuasion

After coaching you’ll be great at cold calling.  Now you need to have an efficient process for qualifying and closing.

Here is a (freebie) video for mastering this process.


A few of the key points we want you to walk away with:

Start with NO

MOST companies don’t need your (or my) product.  SEVERAL companies could take it or leave it.  SOME companies need it desperately.

It’s in us to believe that everyone needs our product, but they just don’t.  Starting with who doesn’t need our product helps us more clearly understand the companies for whom our product will make a huge, giant, amazing difference.


Move from “all the good things about us”

Go past “how you can use us”

Start talking about “without us your company will experience these unnecessary problems” / “you can know you need us when these problems exist”

Prospects understand you when you talk about the symptoms you fix not when you talk about why you’re a great company.

4 Ideals

Narrow your perfect customer down to four ideal symptoms.  If they A and B and C and D our product/service will make a huge difference for them.

What are A, B, C and D?

Write Great ?s

Now we need to know if your prospect is A, B, C and D.

Write great questions; really great questions.

I use the answers to score a prospect 0-10 on how much A (+B, C and D) they are.  The higher the number the more I’m helpful.


Prospects have quality decision processes in place for very few products.  They aren’t very good at buying.

We need to be great at teaching them how to decide to buy (or not) our product.

If we don’t it always comes down to price.

Cost = ____

Cost = Price + Risk + Hassle – Trust

As you move through qualifying you evaluate the levels of risk, hassle, trust.  If trust is low, risk is high, hassle is high the cost of your product is too high for a purchase.

Click here for The VIDEO; The Art of Persuasion