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How to Overcome Objections During the Cold Call

This question was posted on a LinkedIn group:  “When cold calling what are the most common objections you face and how do you overcome them? The most common objection I seem to face is “send me some info” or “send me an email” I would love to know how you handle that. Also would like to hear what objections you come across and how you might handle them?”

Our answer is as follows:You have to remember one thing and one thing only – cold calling is THE ACT OF INTERRUPTING SOMETHING IMPORTANT.  To get a better idea of what you are doing on a cold call picture yourself walking into a conference room full of people in a working meeting.  People are eating lunch and chatting and pointing to charts and having side meetings.  There are maybe 20 people in the room.  More >>

Solve Retention Problems

80% of our (SaaS company) clients  are experiencing retention problems; most of them serious.   No one needs to tell you how frustrating it is to get someone to your site, convince them to sign up, and then have him or her leave.  More >>

One Metric To Rule Them All

New research shows that every industry has a single metric that defines the winners.  Often it is a surprising metric that defies conventional wisdom.  The metric in golf is club speed, the metric in musical performance is cumulative practice time.  To successfully climb Mount Everest you need to be one of the 20% of people who spend more than 30 nights above camp one.  To sell a million dollars of insurance a month you need to be in people’s homes,  and it turns out being a genius has more to do with   More >>

You the founder? It’s time to jump into the fray!

So here is the question: if you were on the front lines, if you were the one talking to customers, picking up the phone, selling prospects on the vision of your company … what would be different?  Most executives and founders will tell you, “well … everything would be different.”  Exactly … but what specifically?  Say we could clone you  More >>