$2495 one time fee.  Unlimited coaching hours.

You'll receive one-on-one coaching.  I call with you; and even for you.   

In a month or less you'll master this process.

25-30% of the people you call will pick up.

80% will agree to a follow up meeting.

You'll consistently set at least 4 follow up meetings per hour.

(Current record is 12 in one hour)

No more cold calling all week; focus on closing instead.

When to Call

What days and times will net you the most pickups?  What about the most open-minded prospects?


How to get past any gatekeeper.  You'll no longer hear, "What is this regarding?" and "Is she expecting your call?"


How to find the current decision maker.  Who to call to make sure you get that person to pick up.

What to say

What to say to spark interest and secure a follow up.  No more, "just send me an email" or "call me next quarter".  You'll get meetings.

where to enter

Should you call direct?  Or use the front desk?  Or try email or LinkedIn?


How to leave a voice mail that is returned.  What to say when they call you back (and they will).